Reception_Desk_Cedar_Hill_Sports_Therapy_Clinic_Victoria_BCThe team of practitioners at Cedar Hill Sports Therapy Clinic have active backgrounds ranging from team sports, such as Soccer and Basket-Ball, to individual pursuits, like Track and Field, Cross Country and Road Running, Triathlons, Cycling & Mountain Biking, Gymnastics, Pilates and Dance.  This gives us the insight to help you customize your rehabilitation requirements around the specific demands of your chosen activities.

We treat people of all ages and all levels of activity – you do not have to be actively participating in sport to benefit from our experience and our expertise in sporting endeavours!  What our clientele appreciate is that we understand where they are coming from.  So when they tell us “It hurts here when I run,” we respond with “Let’s figure out how we can get you running pain-free!” rather than “Well then, just don’t run!”

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