Dr. Brad Gage
Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Gage is Western Canada’s only Advanced-Certified doctor in the “Chiropractic BioPhysics” (CBP) technique, He utilizes specific traction-based therapies such as Spinal Decompression Therapy, as well as other traction equipment that can be used for more complex spinal problems.

All of the patients at the BetterBack clinic are encouraged to learn home-care exercises that help people “Get Better, Faster”!

Chiropractic Victoria BC CBP LogoDr. Gage utilizes various other adjusting techniques to complement the more structurally-based CBP Technique to best match your individual needs, including neurologically-based techniques called “Torque Release Technique” (“TRT” for short) and Mastering Chiropractic with Certainty (“MC2” for short). These techniques utilize an adjusting instrument called an “Integrator” which is designed to stimulate specific spinal reflexes and can treat the spine without the use of manipulation. Dr. Gage also has a clinical interest in THE SKULL, assessing and treating problems with the head using the Cranial Adjusting Turner Style (CATS) technique.

Dr. Gage’s non-work interests include riding his motorcycle, fitness and exercise, a variety of outdoor activities with his family (including kayaking, hiking, and sport shooting), wood-working, and he is an audio-video nut! He has been married to his lovely wife Debbie for over 25 years and is the proud father of three active healthy young men.