“I cannot speak highly enough about the exemplary service I have received at Cedar Hill Sports Therapy Clinic.  The staff provides efficient, friendly service, and the clinical team has consistently exceeded all expectations with their knowledge, skill and professionalism.  I have walked in on numerous occasions feeling nauseous with pain, and left pain-free.  Special Kudos to Michael Coey, whose informed, amiable and pedagogic style has helped myself and several friends become active participants in our own recovery.”

“I’ve been seeing Michael Coey at the Cedar Hill Sports Therapy Clinic since 2001 and he is a true healer with an amazing hands-on approach.  He is not just your average physiotherapist!  His knowledge always surpasses my expectations and I always leave the clinic feeling positive and optimistic about recovering from whatever brought me in.  I’ve also had great chiropractic treatment at the clinic and even traditional acupuncture for sports related and other health issues.  It’s great to be able to access a variety of health services in one clinic!”

“There are many para-medical practitioners delivering their services in the Greater Victoria market.  But, without a doubt there are few that I would call outstanding.  Michael Coey of Cedar Hill Sports Medicine Clinic is one who is truly outstanding.  From the moment you become a client, you begin to notice the differences.   He starts with taking a thorough history and you can tell from each successive question that he is fully absorbed in you, the client.   Then a thorough clinical assessment of the causes and treatment plan.   Many practitioners seem to have a standard treatment plan for all clients and each successive visit simply repeats the treatment.  Michael’s approach is far more individual and he engages the client in both the “what’s wrong” process, “what’s working” process and “what needs to be refined” process.  His clinical skills are exceptional and he is constantly seeking to refine his treatment plan.  What I really appreciate is his level of engagement is such that I feel we are working together as a team.

Good practitioners are hard to find, great ones are even rarer.  Michael is the most skilled Physiotherapist that I have ever encountered without exception.”

“I’ve been a regular client of Mike’s for at least 5 years now, seeing him for pelvic pain associated with hyper mobility, plus a variety of other injuries throughout the years.  A physiotherapist myself, I have high expectations for those treating me.  I have always been more than pleased with the treatment I receive from Mike and find him to be an experienced and thoughtful clinician.  His clinical skills and knowledge are at the top of his field and he is always able to figure out and treat the cause of my pain.  I often walk in to his office with pain or feeling “stuck” and I leave feeling free, like my body is moving the way it is supposed to.  Mike has helped me through three pregnancies, adapting his treatments to work with my changing body – a challenging task, but he has done it with ease.

In addition to Mike’s technical skill, he is a constant source of motivation and encouragement.  He motivates me to continue the exercises that we’ve found to be helpful for building my strength and preventing reoccurrence of injuries. He understands my love of sports and activities and encourages me to continue with them, even though they are sometimes the cause of my pain.  Most importantly, he gives me support during the times when I’ve messed myself up all over again.

I honestly can’t say enough about the positive impact Mike has had on my physical health.  He’s helped to keep me moving without pain, enjoying the activities I love, and achieving my physical goals.  I’m so thankful to have found him and to have had the opportunity to work with him for the past 5 years.”

“I felt comfortable with Vanessa Priest right away. She is very personable and has excellent massage skills. She adapts the level of massage pressure as needed, listening to both her own instincts and to me. She is excellent at deep pressure massage. The last ten minutes of my massage treatments are relaxation massage at my request! Massage treatment has really helped my chronic back and neck pain.”

“Hayley Stroebel is welcoming and caring. She listens very well and is thorough in her assessments. She has a warm nature and a great sense of humour. Hayley is in the treatment room the entire session, using gentle pressure and manipulation to reduce pain and fix the problem. She gives me exercises that continue my healing, yet they are easy and practical to do. I have had wonderful results from my physio treatments with Hayley.”

I highly recommend Mike Coey as a physiotherapist. I live in Vancouver but will travel to Victoria to see him. He is truly a gifted physiotherapist.