What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists are university educated health care professionals that specialize in optimizing and restoring function and mobility.  Physiotherapists are Rehabilitation Specialists.

The Physiotherapists at Cedar Hill Sports Therapy Clinic have taken extensive post-graduate training specializing in orthopedics and manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise prescription, posture and movement analysis, and needling techniques such as medical acupuncture and intra-muscular stimulation (IMS).

Physiotherapists are trained to treat patients of all ages with a wide range of impairments. These include musculo-skeletal complaints, cardio-vascular diseases, and neurological conditions.

Physiotherapists are trained in a wide variety of therapeutic techniques, such as, joint mobilizations and manipulations, Muscle-Energy Techniques and soft-tissue techniques, which they use to assist you in getting you back to your normal level of function and activity after the onset of a painful condition.

Physiotherapists can help you recover from a variety of painful conditions such as, plantar fasciitis and sciatica; injuries, such as a torn ligament or a herniated disc; or surgeries such as, ACL reconstruction or rotator cuff repair.

Our physiotherapists are also happy to help you improve on your current level of fitness and conditioning.

We are an active team of practitioners, with backgrounds in a wide variety of sporting and artistic pursuits of excellence.  We apply our passion for our sporting excellence to our profession, and are excited by the opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of our clients.

Our treatment sessions are one-on-one for a minimum of 30 minutes, and take place in a closed room environment.

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