From Pain to Relief to Performance!

Welcome to our new website!

At Cedar Hill Sports Therapy Clinic, our goal is to take you from pain to relief, to attaining the empowering knowledge that keeps you healthy.

How do we do this?

You may come to us in pain from a sore lower back or plantar fasciitis and your goal is to be merely free of pain and back to your routine.

This is our goal for you as well, but we also intend to take you beyond that initial goal.

First, we aim to treat the cause of the pain, offering you lasting relief.

Second, we turn to an extended goal: helping you reduce the likelihood of experiencing a recurrence. We take the time to look at the specific demands of your job, the ergonomics of your workstation, your footwear or your training regime and suggest appropriate modifications.

Third, we give you the knowledge to understand your condition, what is required to make a full recovery, and how you can be an active participant in sustaining that recovery.  We teach you to perform activities that build strength and improve function in the affected areas and in your entire body, helping you to attain your optimum level of performance.

We want this space to be a part of that educational experience.  We intend to share with you valuable insights on health-related matters so that you can have the benefit of our expertise beyond the time you actually spend with us here at the Clinic.

We are excited to launch this new web-site and are excited to continue providing you with the highest calibre of care by giving you our focused and expert attention.

Thank you for choosing to restore and optimize your health with the help of the team here at Cedar Hill Sports Therapy Clinic.

Michael Coey  BSc. PT, FCAMPT, CAFCI
Registered Physical Therapist
Owner – Cedar Hill Sports Therapy Clinic